Saturday Sharing

This week’s internet surfing has been mostly about redecorating the girls rooms. We live in a 3 bedroom ranch. You do the math. Some have to double up. My guy and I double up (like how I present this as abnormal for husband and wife). Then # 1 and # 2 double up. When they first moved in together room was tight but it wasn’t bad. Now two years later it has turned into a cluttery mess that makes me crazy. Either my girls are the biggest slobs on the planet or they just flat ran out of room. By redoing their room I am better able to address both the above issues. We clear it out. I mean C-L-E-A-R it out!  We get to clean it up and basically start from scratch.

Home Improvement Sharings

Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, Sherwin Williams, Target & Wal-mart. In effort to keep some things a surprise for the big reveal later this weekend I am not gonna point you specifically where I was headed. However, think bedding, bunk beds, paint colors and at home do it yourself projects to decorate.

Another thing that fascinated my attention was chalkboard paint. And yes I will spill it here. Breaking News: My girls are getting a ginormous chalkboard wall. We are trimming it in wood boards and doing it all up fancy. Our next focus…teaching our 2 year old that no you can’t write on any wall you want. You know that will be our next battle right?

Even though it is not the same as surfing the net it is the old fashion version. Now you say what is it, right? It is me getting the IKEA catalog in the mail. What you want one of your own? Well here you go —> Request Your Own Catalog. I am kind of in love with a few things from IKEA. First: Duvet Cover Second: Funky Lighting Third: Dinera Dinnerware. Who doesn’t love IKEA? Sigh!

And last but not least…The Container Store with a side of Crate and Barrel. The container store will help with the storage issues my girlies are  having. Too little space with too much stuff. Their ideas always seem to prompt my own. I actually did not end up ordering anything from there but I got tons of ideas about ways to make storage better for my littles. Crate and Barrel. I feel about this store like I do IKEA. It just rocks. Everything about it is handy and inspirational.

One Food Sharing

I love eggs. I especially love the yellow yolk of eggs. I have wanted to make this recipe for a long time. It looks awesome! I think my girls will love it because it has bacon and because it is creamy. I will let you know how it turns out. I am of course tweaking it to suit my purpose. Maybe even break some sort of Italian law and add cut up hot dogs in it. Does it count if the hot dogs are of the healthy variety? I want to use them up and make the recipe itself more enticing to my girls who on anything new automatically assume it is crap.

One last surfing spot…my site meter here at word press. Wow, now that I publish my posts to twitter and Facebook I am shocked at how much traffic has increased. It was decent before but that shot it up. Some Facts: In July, August and September I had 651 visits. Now I wish I knew if those peeps made their way back or if it was a one time visit. My most popular post is: Sometimes Stuff is just Stuff right? & 2nd most popular is: The One where we Make a Pie. The two most used terms in google that lead to me: stuff and golf and close third of mommy rhetoric. I guess my goal isn’t to be the next up and comer. It took me a long time to get comfortable blogging again and even longer still to blog and share it with people outside of my immediate circle. So I am glad people want to read. I just hope I have good things to say.


Get a glimpse of where I surf regularly? Go to Saturday Sharing.


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