Extreme Makeover: Boring Edition # 2: The Girls Room

Oh the messes they make. Who knew it would be such a challenge to paint a room. When we started the project and dove in it looked a little like this:

Everything tossed into the middle of room and just pray and hope for the best. My two dears are quite the little messy dears who just plain have everything and want for nothing. So we piled it all in the middle. First, we threw out what was garbage, what could be saved for # 3 and made a maybe pile. Then, we attacked the maybe pile and I realized quite quickly that the maybe pile was not for me. I am too freaking sentimental. My guy would throw out a stuffed animal and I would reminisce about the time they walked with it in the yard and waved to the neighbor. Nothing was going but it had too. The reason for the makeover was more like operation make more room. They were too crowded so my sentimental ways were not going to work. I called the girls into the room and said, “Alright, you can keep five things. You can keep five things in the shed or for Anna. The rest in the garbage.” My goal was that then they were making the decision because duh I am the mom so I have a stupid attachment to everything they have ever touched. This solved that problem ASAP. They were attached to way less than I was.

Next task:

Whoops I skipped a step. The night before this my guy painted the wall an aqua mist color. Then the following morning we drew out the box for the chalkboard. This is what you are witness to here. Loved the chalkboard paint. It went on great and had much less smell than I was expecting. The math they offer though on the box. They totally lie. For our size square it should have had four coats per can. We got two. Luckily that was all it needed as we used the aqua mist as a primer so it was ready. We chose black chalkboard to compliment the black in their bedding.

And then:Came vacuuming and carpet cleaning. My girls apparently don’t know how to eat microwave popcorn. There were 1000’s kernels on the floor. I envision them throwing them at each other so new Mommy rule…No freaking popcorn in your room. Sorry! The carpet cleaning lesson I learned: Moon Sand stains. It doesn’t come up even with a carpet cleaner. We had to introduce the carpet to the razor. :/

And the finish:

Now the photos move much more quickly then the project. All of last night was spent putting the bed together and laughter as we ate pizza rolls on the floor and watched the Notre Dame get spanked. Giggles. Reminded me of our dating days where furniture was sometimes sparse. Or we would even choose to eat on the floor. What you see  here is the entry to the girls room. I drew cute little pictures in the frames cause I have no pictures in them yet. I envision the girls making silly faces and we taking a BW shot.Here is their new bunk bed, bedding and accompanying textiles (as IKEA says). In the right side of this folder I hope to put together a desk and paint in checker board  chalkboard squares above their desk. Because we aren’t rich that will have to wait for another day soon. They each have individual lighting within their beds because this room tends to be cave like in the middle of the house.

The night stand and this lamp will not be staying. It is a fill in until one ships and the other I find.  The new lamp will be here Tuesday and matches the little lamps in each of the girls’ beds. It will go behind the trashcan there and next to their bookshelf that you cannot see.I have to figure out nightstand. This one is a hand me down and I like it but we have painted it once and somehow my girls thought leaving their mark was okay. Grr!

Here is the chalkboard. It needs trimmed out but because I live out in no man’s land we gotta make a trip to the big city for the trim to match the rest of their room and their new bunk bed. Imagine me saying that in my most hickish tone ever! I have blurred out their names in the the two picture frames. Their is their bookshelf and a new bean bag chair and rug. Their tv is off to the right and when we are rich (or save the money) we will buy this TV in blue and mount it to the wall to save even more space. That little white thing is my daughters equivalent to a bear skin rug. Instead it is a rabbit skin rug. Whatever, by the time we got to this I was so done!

#1 very happy with her new room

# 2 Also


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