Back home again in Indiana.

Oh wait did I ever leave? No not really. I lived in Cincinnati for less than a full year when I had my very first apartment and before that for awhile while living with my mom but I am a true Hoosier through and through. Admittedly I don’t love it always. I am not a cold most of the year kind of girl. I detest snow in the worst way. I kind of hate outdoor allergies and I don’t like basketball or race car driving. That pretty much makes me an outsider in this state.

I was born and mostly breed in a tiny suburban neighborhood about 25 minutes outside of Indianapolis. I enjoyed the life I had there and I felt removed enough from the city that I wasn’t an urbanite but close enough to have access to all things city. Actually, I always kind of thought I lived in the sticks down there. I mean I lived about 5 minutes away from the high way and there were farms within five minutes time from house. That made me a country girl.

Yea right! Then I moved north. North to the land of more snow, more isolation and more cornfields. I mean real corn fields. Cornfields as far as your eyes can possibly see. And cows and cow and pig smells. And I live at least 30 minutes all directions from a major high way. I realized then just what a city girl I was. Then parts of me fell in love with the country. No I am not going out and buying shit kickers or or a cowboy hat. anything. But I thoroughly enjoy the view from here sometimes.

One of those times. Fall. It is absolutely breathtaking. The other as I drove home from school in one side of what looked like the end of the earth I saw a glowing burning pink mass of sunball hitting the cornfield and just burning pinkly with its touch. And to the other opposite end of another cornfield sat a beautiful bigger than you can even possibly picture pink moon. It made the whole of that side of the earth glow in pink. I never saw that in Indy. Ever. They are harvest/fall/autumnal moons and they just make you freeze in a moment. For a full twenty minutes both these spheres of light illuminate everything around them and then they disappear.

Now come December and January when we are in another wind advisory or expecting another 6-8 inches of snow that regularly dump on this area of Indiana I may not appreciate those moonrises and sunsets. But I do now.

Another phenomenon…the stars. Wholly cow are their stars once you really step away from the city. I always thought I saw stars in Indy and there is nothing that compares to the stars I see here. The other night I am talking with my best friend outside until the later hours of the evening and I literally saw two falling stars. It happens all the time here. The only time I remember seeing them as a child was when we went on vacation to Dale Hallow Lake in Tennessee and it wasn’t from lack of trying.

So yes my friends here make fun of me sometimes for being a city slicker and they love to teach me all about animal poop and weird smells that come from the country but slowly I am falling in love with it even if it is almost 10 years later. I guess it is a place you have to live to appreciate.


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