Saturday Sharing

Oh it is that time again and I am coming to you from a very chilly sprinkling morning here in Northern Indiana. While my confession earlier this morning was more serious this one is a little less so. It is scary how much tv I truly watch. I am an official junky. I blame it on my guy. When I grew up I often only had one TV in my house and depending on which parent I lived with, they controlled it. Then I met and married my guy and well he had a TV in every room of his apartment at the time. That tradition carried onto me.

In my house currently we have three working TV’s and 1 extra that plays DVD’s. Add to that my infatuation and love of movies of all sorts (but I really love Lifetime movies) and well it is a perfect storm of tv watching around my house. Now I do turn them off especially when it is warm. I am one of those moms who kicks their butts outside along with my own unless a movie is on I want to watch though! Well it is fall time and that means there are tons of new shows coming out. I live for this time of year. I always try very many. But few have survived passed week 2 or 3. The biggest winners I can think of were Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives both of which I have since gave up on. They got a little weird for me so now I just kind of keep up on them.

New Fall Show Sharings

Anyway this fall the main show I am super stoked for is ABC’s Revenge. I am always extremely intrigued by murder, mystery and problems to solve. And I love the song that they have in all previews. That song along intrigues me. And since I am a sucker for shiny, new things Pan Am looks interesting but I can tell it is will be a one episode watch. It just smells of all the pretty build up and an okay show. I don’t have time for okay.

Unforgettable on CBS is another because I love anything with Poppy Montgomery. This about a lady who has a medical condition that she cannot forget anything. It is one that I will give a chance and just see. On the same network and with the same sentiment is the show A Gifted Man. It looks interesting enough to give a chance.

And on NBC the fav is Up All Night. Because how can you not relate as a parent and I love Maya Rudolph.  Unfortunately, it has made it’s rounds pimping the show on many blogs I read (which I hate) and it has literally been on every channel pimping itself out. I hate shows that do that because they typically fall flat on their face but I will hold out hope and give it a chance. Another show on NBC that I know I will tune into is the Sing Off. I love that show. It is new in the sense of there are new contestants but I have yet to ever miss an episode.

One last one….I watched Ringer on the CW. It was okay. It was pretty messed up but I have to decide if it is worth my time.

Oldie But Goodies Sharings

Shows I never miss are:

Glee – Survivor – Brothers and Sisters (usually) – Chuck (can’t see that it is coming back) – One Tree Hill – Modern Family – Big Bang Theory


Go here for a trip down my lane….Saturday Sharing


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