All things graduate student.

Today’s post is brought to you by a very frazzled and caffeinated graduate student who has spent the last two weeks feverishly searching through scholarly databases, books and other writer’s work cited pages for research that prove what I want to say better than how I can say it because I have not yet achieved that status.

So right now the MLA and The Owl, as I lovingly refer to it with my students, are my best friends. They lead me where I need to go and beyond.

What that means for you readers is that MR is on a break today. Certainly not a writing break, but a blog writing break. I promise to return to the scene tomorrow with mad appreciation for those who I surround myself with because they are freaking awesome.

You know what makes all that above possible? My freaking awesome support network that doesn’t get near the credit they deserve. And I am off….

If you need another read, I am not afraid to share. Heather Spohr is a amazing woman and has quite a cool story to tell. Please go read The Spohr’s are Multiplying and Enjoy!


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