Saturday Sharing…Mid Septemeber

Today is a big day. For reasons I will soon reveal but not yet. In the mean time I have to ask:

What is it about this post? No.No.No. That is read worthy? This post is my highest ranked post. It has been read an absolute ton. And while I would love to indulge myself in self important thinking I am not sure that this post was so much better than any other. Maybe I just said what others were thinking, I don’t know.

For today’s sharing I am gonna do a blog roll. I love to read blogs and have read them forever so why not share the love…

The first one’s I will share are people I consider old friends. Most of whom I have never met nor will likely ever met. But they have been fixtures in my internet life for a long time and I share as much with them as I do my real life friends.

Friends Sharing

A Ham Kin-Jen is an amazing mother and midwife. We have been through it all together. Now here we are both doing what we love and raising our kiddos. I admire Jen’s ability to sit down make up mind and do something. That is her blog too. She just does it all. There isn’t anything I don’t think she can accomplish.

PithyDithy-Who I have shared before. I met her the same place I met Jen. I am hesitant to share her actual name because since her husband’s tragic death she has been trying to be a little more anonymous on the net. The journey’s I feel like I have held her hand through are numerous and they don’t stop. She is another amazing Momma and on the tenure track as a professor. Since her story is so ever changing I am hesitant to put her into any sort of role for you. She is an awesome read.

And Baby Makes 6-Andrea and I met in the same spot as the above two. She too is amazing mother of four kiddos. Her military life with her kiddos is a humorous read. She shares my sense of humor.

Savings Sharings

We all know I am an avid couponer not to be confused with extreme couponer. Remember I don’t do that. I actually play games with myself weekly trying to save money. Some days are good and some are bad. But there would be no days without the help of my coupon bloggers. And don’t forget that coupon browser app for online deals that I told you earlier about…Drop Down Deals.

Baby Cheapskate$5 DinnersKrazy Koupon LadyBargain BrianaMoney Saving Mom

Regular Reads Sharing

What that means is I stay up to date on these blogs because they share my interest which are teaching, cooking, parenting, OCD or just plain good to read.

A Patchwork LifeMoosh in IndyThe Spohrs Are MultiplyingAdventures in BabywearingSecret Agent MamaCooking With My KidWords Are My GameWriting On The Margins

Now I could share all day long ones that I read semi regularly but I won’t do that to you. Your hand will get tired from all the clicking.

One last share…

Had a unintentional girls night out last night with the BF. Her daughter and my daughter are BFs and we decided to all get together and have some fun. No guys! If you are a woman this is so necessary. We yacked about anything and everything. We played occasionally with the girls but they mostly entertained each other. Baby girl # 3 hung out with the Mommas. We had the pizza we wanted with onions and all. YUM! We topped it off with a movie. That is my sharing.

Run don’t walk to watch Bridesmaids. It has some extremely crude humor but it was so gut busting hilarious. It was not at all what we expected but man was there a pay off. It was light and allowed both my BF and I to sit back and tie off the end of this week in a much better way than it started.


Get a glimpse of where I surf regularly? Go to Saturday Sharing.



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