You better learn to zip it!

Well the snot/strep/sinus/viral infection has hit my house which has made me start about 27 posts and I walk away to tend to the latest kleenex need, fever check, another drink or just plain I am tired and didn’t feel like finishing. The good news we got the once over and I am fairly certain we will all pull through.

You know what I stink at? Keeping my mouth shut. I have a opinions and I guess I feel like everyone should hear them (ha ha considering I have a blog). I, then, speak my truths and walk away feeling guilty as hell I even spoke. And it isn’t that I feel like I need to shut up and never speak. Instead I think I just need to grasp better the right times to talk.

What is the addage? Bite your tongue. Surprisingly, I am pretty good at it in most crowds like school, my colleagues and outer people. But in my crowd…My crowd of close family and friends man do I let my lips loose. I don’t even care sometimes if they want to hear me. I just speak it because they are in my crowd and that automatically means they should want to hear it, right?

What I gotta get is a better handle of if they want to hear it or not. Figuring out when to shut up and be supportive and listen or when they are truly asking and want my opinion. It is no secret I have an opinion on everything. My opinions have opinions. That does not mean every single one of them has to right to be heard, spoken or yelled.

And in my own experience most people honestly just want to be heard and are telling you their opinion to be heard. Not to hear your opinion on what they just shared. But it is so hard sometimes. Sometimes I don’t always agree with what they say or I think I have something to add onto what they share. Truth is I just need to zip it.

And while I realize reading about my bad manners may not necessarily be the most exciting blog read ever. It provides an awesome jumping point to make a big announcement. In practicing my learning to zip it and just listen sometimes I have invited a guest blogger that will be blogging here at Mommy Rhetoric at least once a week. There will be more details to come but my guess is this writer, like myself, has lots to say.

Stay tuned for more!


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