Saturday Sharing-

Last week was an emotional week, this week is the sick week. Every single person in my house has had a fever this week. One with strep, one with sinus infection and the rest of us fevers to have fevers that went with minor colds. Needless to say my weekly searching was more geared toward the medical. Or as I like to call it…Dr. Google.

Sickly Sharings

But my most favorite site to search when my kiddos are sick is who is an awesome pediatrician and is always kind of good about getting me to calm down. Especially when I talked to the nurses at my doctor’s office who said if temps reach 104 to freak out. Okay maybe not their words but 104 was that thing to watch out for. So # 2 hit 104 and I freaked out. Took my breath and decided I didn’t want to call again. That I would try Dr. Sears techniques for pulling down a fever and if after two hours we were still there then I would call. The techniques worked. SIDENOTE: When you go to the link above it says Bandwidth Exceeded. I did not do that. But it did make me giggle.

Then there is story of my poison ivy turned hives. It started out two spots last week and spread eventually to be on every loving part of my body but my feet. At first it looked like poison ivy and then it suddenly looked like an allergic reaction rash. Funny story there too. My family is highly allergic to smells and dyes in laundry soaps and softeners. For the last few months I have slowly been adding them in to see what would happen. (You can totally see where this is going right?). Well in the last two weeks everyone has been well so we were doing my favorite smell. DOWNY. And no one reacted. But me! Want proof?

So the last 48 hours have been spent washing every shred of everything that has ever touched my body and been touched by Downy. And Benedryl and their knowledgeable site. My best friend.

The good news here is everyone that needed antibiotics is well into them. They are getting healthier and I suppose I will stop itching someday. We are on the road to recovery.

So So Sharing

My friends have been going gaga over pinterest, so I tried to rekindle whatever it was we have had previously. And I like it. I love looking at all my friends pins (this is the main reason I even participate on this site) and searching for things to pin myself. Mostly recipes or craft projects. But I always struggle with what next? I am not sure it will change my time crunch. Instead it sucks up copious amounts of my much too short on time. And ends up going to the land of the bookmark page grave yard which really just means I will come back later and honestly, I don’t. I am not giving up and I will find a purpose. I am just not there yet. For now, it isn’t the time sucker I need. Try it out and let me know if I am missing something.

As for other links I am kind of short on them. You can see what my week has been filled with and internet time was not it. Maybe next week.


Get a glimpse of where I surf regularly? Go to Saturday Sharing.


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