What is a blog by the MR girls

As I snapped a quick picture of my carnita’s tonight my dearest # 1 and # 2 had the following conversation:

#2: Momma why do you take a picture of your food? That’s weird.

MR: It is for my blog sweet pea.

#2: What is a blog anyway, Momma?

MR: I don’t know #2 what do you think it is?

#1: Duh, #2 it is a place Momma and her friends write. They have a conversation like on facebook.

MR: Kind of but more fun. I get to do all the talking.

#2: You do?

Silence and thinking and head scratching.

#2: I want a blob!

#1: Me too! Sounds fun!

Thank God for Blobs! I get my words in!


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