Adventures in Becoming Healthy

About two and a half years ago a friend of mine (our dear MR) asked me to start walking with her. We started outside around the neighborhoods close to us and we both fell in love with it. I think more for the short escape it allowed us from our kids and husbands than the actual fitness part of it. When winter came we started walking indoors at a local school. Then when the new year (2010) rolled around I decided to join the same gym as MR and really get serious about exercise.

Not only did we work out regularly most days of the week, but I started on a new adventure with our family’s diet. I made the leap into making mostly vegetarian and vegan dishes for supper. I also tried to really cut out white flour and white sugar.  Basically changing the way we ate our dinners and snacks entirely.

This was a huge battle with my kiddos, especially Oldest, a self proclaimed “meatetarian”. The kiddos complained about rice and the other grains we were trying like quinoa. They complained about eating more veggies. They complained about only getting meat in their school lunches and on weekends at home. They complained about drinking more water. They complained about me not buying junk food anymore. They complained that my baking wasn’t good anymore with wheat flour and different sources of sweetness (applesauce, honey, agave nectar, etc.) They complained, they complained, and they complained. I finally caved during the summer that year, almost 6 months into the change. I could not take the battle over eating anymore.  I was defeated.

Back to the exercising, I continued to work out, but I felt like I didn’t try as hard as I did that first year.  I slowly gained back 5-7 lbs. throughout most of that year (2010-11) until the kiddos began summer vacation (2011).  I would like to blame it all on them, but I am afraid that the additional weight gain, another 10 lbs, was pretty much all mine to take the credit for.

So here I am only 10 lbs shy of where I first started from  two and half years ago.  I keep trying to get back into the swing of things, reading a variety of books,  recipe books, food and health blogs,  fitness magazines… blah blah blah.  I just cannot find that spark that I had before.

The latest book that I have read is Water with Lemon, a health plan written in novel form.  It was definitely a new take on a book about a healthy lifestyle.  It claims not to be a diet, but a process of adapting healthy habits into your life.  Habits that fit seamlessly, causing no stress.  Sounds easy?  Not to me, I have flashbacks of intense whining, complaining and crying.  This book though has been the first in a long time that has appealed to me.

I am not going to leap in, but maybe put one big toe in and test the water again,               this time with little lemon.


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Becoming Healthy

  1. Sounds like something I’d love to check out. I tried to just make my family meatless on Monday’s. It worked for a bit. Good luck and thanks for sharing. 🙂

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