I hope you know…

I hope you know that I love you beyond life and each of your special stories that you have to tell.

#1 your flare for the dramatic. You got that from me. Your beautiful brown eyes, brown hair and dark skin color those too are courtesy of your Momma. Your tom boy nature and athletic prowess (minus the golf)but secret love for the thing that make you feel feminine. Yeah that is me too! I can’t tell you how many times I am grateful for your independence and ability to conquer the world without question. You really are afraid of nothing and just love everyone. What most don’t know about you is that despite you not liking cuddles and hugs you are the most sensitive and loving of all of my children. You made me a mom and we have a special relationship that I wouldn’t change for anything. Your best traits that always make me smile: you wear the same four outfits over and over, you always like your hair the exact same way and you are so damn smart. And your nickname is Boogie. Boogs.

#2 You have your own dramatic tendencies but they are so different from your sister. Your blue eyes and blonde/brown hair have always amazed me. You look like a little mini version of your Daddy. And your passionate nature that some mistake for anger or frustration. I know it is actually because you live in a world where it is harder to understand those things. What I love about you the most is your stubbornness. Some may say that is a bad trait to have but I know for you it means no one will ever make you do something you don’t want. I don’t have to worry that peer pressure will swallow you whole. You aren’t a people pleaser and would never claim to be. And I love you just that way. Your the most touchy feely of all my children and love to just sit and cuddle. I am so grateful for those moments. I love you and your stellar beauty. Never let anyone steal it from you. Your best traits that always make me smile: Your fashion sense and your ability to throw an outfit together, your intensity for all things # 2 and you too are so damn smart. Your smartness is differently and more worldly and you are so observant of the world around you. And your nickname is Abs. AbbieDoodles.

#3 you stole my heart. I knew I loved being a mother but man I never knew I wanted you. Till your miracle birth. You have spent much of your life scaring the shit out of your dad and I and I think you like it that way. You operate in this world in a way that just steals people’s hearts. Your beautiful blonde curls and blue eyes again melt my heart in a way I cannot even describe. You love to make people smile and laugh. If you find something that makes someone laugh you continue it over and over and over. You love to make sure people know you love them. We call you the destroyer to just try and explain what you do for our lives. You came in and turn them upside down and then you flash that smile and say, “I lub you” and we fall in love all over again. Your best traits that always make me smile: You hate shoes, socks or anything that makes you feel confined. If you are feeling confined it comes off. Your ability to brighten up the room with your sense of humor and ability to make people smile. The sheer love you have for those in your little world. We are all just so lucky to be a recipient to this massive amount of love from such a little body. You too are smart. You know your numbers, colors, shapes, animal sounds and body parts. You can repeat stories back to us and love to draw and play play dough. And your nickname is Banana girl.

I hope you know that I love you beyond life and each of your special stories that you have to tell.


One thought on “I hope you know…

  1. Totally shouldn’t have read this one on an emotional day! You’ve got great girls for sure. 🙂 I know this feeling you talk about. Just loving your kids so much you could explode.

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