We are all a little coconut here!

I remember when # 2 was little. She was unintentionally the funniest girl. She would often do and say the funniest things all at the expense of herself.  She just had it naturally. A funny booty dance or a well timed burp. She had a knack for it. But what makes it even funnier was most of the time it was completely unbeknownst to her. You would sit and laugh and think, “She really does not realize how funny that is…” and there she sat all starry eyed and clueless.

There is no better story to tell around these parts then the coconut story. If we even utter the word coconut around our house it sends everyone into a fit of laughter and her into a fit of embarrassment.

Every early spring when we get those few and far between nice days where the snow is melted off and the grass is dry enough to be walked on my girls go nuts. They always have. They are outside girls. They love it. So when those rare days come I always willingly bundle them up for our 40+ days in late February and early March and send them out to explore. And in our backyard we have many bunny families and many bunny families leave many bunny poops. Little poops that look an awful lot like little coconuts.

In the March of #2’s 3rd or 4th year (I don’t even remember now) I do just what I said above. I send them out. #1 is sliding and swinging on her swing set. I see # 2 walking around the yard and don’t find it all that unusual. I am inside making dinner. Eventually I see that # 2 has a handful of something. I head out to investigate and when I approach her and say, “#2, whatcha got in your hand?” She quickly responds, “Momma, I got little coconuts.” I look closer and think they are raisins and then I look even closer and in a matter of seconds I realize she is holding rabbit poop. LOVELY!

I say, “Eww, put those down. That is gross.” She throws a fit screaming the whole time about me taking away her coconuts; “But I want my coconuts.” I spend that time trying to get out of her if she ate any of  her “coconuts”. After we came back inside my guy and I had quite the giggle about that and have many times since then.


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