Saturday Sharing….

Well today’s post is coming much later than expected but I have thoroughly wrapped up in my family history project and had to finally remind myself that I cannot solve all my families mysteries in 16 weeks. Though I certainly gave it the ol’ college try.  I am currently planning a post that will discuss how that project is going.

Today’s Sharing Randomness

For this week’s sharing I would like to highlight Why I Write Campaign…so if you would like to read why other’s write related to this campaign and some famous authors thrown in click here for the google results.

Today we tackled typical Hoosier Fall fare in the form of chili. The recipe I made I pulled from but it was so so and not really worth sharing if you ask me. It was certainly good and edible but it was blah! The girls gobbled it up. I ate half a bowl and decided it wasn’t worth the calories.

I have been upto my eyeballs in looking up articles about my family and ancestors. It does require a paid subscription but it is well worth the money. Given I found my Dad’s birth announcement, that paid for itself.

Today I have been teaching myself all about The Homestead Act, which changed life for most of your family and mine.

Ever hung out at the National Archives? It is a pretty cool place. Or to Ellis Island? Pretty cool here too, folks!

And last but not least….Obituary Searching…Go here!


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