The Obligatory Halloween Photo Shoot.

Is it just me or do I have some incredibly adorable kiddos?

First we had the vampire….

And then the adorable Cotton Candy

And an incredibly happy Minnie Mouse


While I am just now posting it I certainly brought in Halloween like I do every year. Enjoying every single moment with my kiddos. I love Halloween. I have always adored the holiday. At first it was because I was a child and my birthday was November 1st. But now it is so much about my girls. They love dressing up and showing off their duds and all the fun things there are to do. This year was no disappointment. We all huddled into the car and went off to Grammy’s and Gramps. Where #3 got to experience her first Halloween she understood. What a fun year for her. She went to every house eager as the first time going up and declaring out loud to the unsuspecting neighbors, “Say Trick or Treat.” Then whatever they said she would repeat. They would say, “Aren’t you cute?” She would say, “Aren’t you cute?” Most of the people’s houses we trick or treated at know us and usually spoil my girls rotten with larger than life treat bags. #3 adored it. She is gonna think Halloween is a mini version of Christmas.

#2 well she was least impressed. She kind of went through the motions and just did the thing because we all were. She rarely said anything and just smiled. She did get eager to go to her teacher’s house that lives on our street and had made a special treat for her. After that she was more interested in heading home. Come to find out she was running a temp and getting sick.

#1 is in love with the holiday still but I can feel her interest on going with Mommy and Daddy waning. Her neighborhood friend went with us and then was heading out by herself. I could tell #1 wanted to go but she never asked and I wasn’t ready to offer. But she never complained. You could just tell. But when her friend wasn’t there and it was just her and her sisters she loved every minute too. She is at that age where it is starting to uncool to hang with the family but she still wants to be young and hang out with us too.

So there you have it. Another E. Family in the books. Fun was had by all followed by possibly one of my best birthday’s ever.


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