So yeah that was different than expected.

The best medicine in the world is a mother’s kiss.
– Anonymous

Seriously what the heck is it with my girls being so sick this fall? I mean yes my girls get sick but they have been at it like gangbusters. Yesterday, # 3 ended up so miserable by the time I got her to Stat Care. The funny thing is, she was still in a good mood. So imagine my surprise when she was diagnosed with ear infection, croup and tonsillitis. The girl was sick.

It didn’t show until we got home though. Then she went all sorts of miserable on me. She cried pretty much the whole time she was not sleeping. It wasn’t loud or screamy. Just mom, I am miserable cry. She wanted constant hugs and kisses which wasn’t a bad thing till they were covered in snot, throw up or spit flying out of her mouth from coughing. Pretty much most of the day was spent with her in my lap asleep or falling asleep on one side and on the other my books for studying.

I realized she really does believe in the power of my kiss. You know the thought of moms, “Want me to kiss it to make it better?” The funny thing is she had no voice to ask for it but she still managed to communicate it. She loves to have her belly, back and legs rubbed. When I wasn’t cuddling her she would grab my hand and move it where she wanted me to rub her tummy or back. Usually though it is just her legs.

She is on an antibiotic for say the third time since school started. And a steroid for the 2nd. My poor girls need a break. I am hoping this is the last round for a bit. That was the sickest I have ever seen my #3. She was all kinds of miserable.

You know what though, I am pretty darn proud of myself. My guy has been in Chicago since Saturday and I handled it all by myself. I had no one here to really help me when the going got tough and I just did it. It wasn’t easy but we managed and my girls were a huge help. I even made a decent dinner, got tons of homework done…all with #3 on my hip.

Well I am up early (thank you DST) and getting the girls lunches ready and working on some grading. My guy will return home today and I can proclaim that I survived and I actually kind of liked it.


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