So This Is Love!

Youngest is by far my most difficult child.  I don’t remember Oldest and Middle being quite as extreme in the tantrum, impatience, and defiance departments.  It could be that I am repressing the bad memories or have just plain forgotten them by now.  My memory has been a bit hazy lately…

Anyway, back to Youngest and the almost constant battles he wages against me.  I don’t think that we go more than just a few hours a day without some major clash in opinions of how things should be done.  These battles range from The Potty Training War to That Is Not How You Should Stand While Handing Me My Juice.  Don’t even get me started on how we manage to do the daily things like get dressed, brush teeth, and eat.  They are all big, giant war zones where the rules change every day.

A few days ago Youngest became completely outraged at everyone except me (I happened to be putting away laundry and missed The Epic Battle).  When I came to see what the sobbing was about, Youngest actually let me console him.  I got to hold him, rock him, kiss him, rub his back, and say soothing motherly things like “Shhhhh, it’s ok now”.  Now I understand at this point you are thinking I must be a horrible mom not to be doing this stuff before a few days ago, but let me tell you, it is not that I haven’t tried!  Youngest never wants that lovey-dovey stuff.  The closest I usually am allowed to get is sitting next to him on the couch.

So that day I was on a major mommy high.  The best part is that it hasn’t completely stopped.  Youngest must have liked all that lovin’ because I have been the go-to girl for all kinds of holding, kissing, hugging and snuggling since!  Of course since nothing is simple with Youngest this new mommy-love he has for me has gone to the extreme.  He is now demanding that I am the only one he wants to put him to bed, to change his clothes, to cut up his pizza, to buckle his seat belt, to do any and all activities with.

Either I am the greatest thing since sliced bread to this kid or he is holding a major grudge against all the other family members involved in The Epic Battle.  It is probably a grudge knowing him, but I am just going to keep my mommy high going and say “He loves me!  he really loves me!”


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