Just Write # 2

Well Mommy Jargon went off and took a vacation day yesterday and I full well had the best intentions to sit down and do my Tuesday’s Just Write. But what is that little quote? Best intentions….

Anyway…life is busy. What is new. I am trying like heck to grade and grade and grade some more so come Thanksgiving I can actually enjoy it the way it is meant to be. But really who am I kidding. I am gearing up for a 20 minute conference presentation on Sena Jeter Naslund’s Ahab’s Wife. A rivoting novel that put my ass butt to sleep. This is the very class that has made me question why the heck I am even a graduate student. I feel stupid, I feel like people in the world are dying, starving, sick and fill the blank with whatever. So anyway they are all that above and I sit in a classroom every week for and 3 and half hours with time away from my girls so I can talk about things existentialism and make fake laughter about pretentious literature. And while I love the instructor the subject material just will never do anything in my life. I have had other classes where the material was so so but somehow I applied it to my life and my interests. I just can’t in this class.  Just be jealous of my glamorous life already will ya?

Things are trucking along though and I am almost at least half way done with my masters. It has seriously had me question if I want to teach. I love to teach. As usual I struggle with the crap that comes with teaching. The crap that others bring into it. In it’s rawest form it is beautiful. It is when others ideas come into they muck it up. However, I am taking a totally awesome rhetoric and literacy class this semester and I am in love. I am reminded that I just love everything about exploring why we write/read/think the way we do. There are so many variables and they are each significant in their own way.

Today I am finding beauty in the moment. I am busy. I can’t change that but I can change my response to it. Right now I am watching # 3 mouskercize with Minnie, Goofy and Mickey. She is so happy and so giddy to even be doing it. I love this life. I would not change it.

Anyway…just write today is kind of blah. But that is me. I am busy. Spell Bowl tonight for # 1, class for Momma, insane amounts of grading for Momma, # 2 and # 3 are heading to grandma’s so Daddy can proctor said spelling bowl above. The E house is out of control people. Again…be jealous! Be really jealous!

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