Fewer things bother me more than…

Puke. Unfortunately, having children means copious amounts of puke usually. I have gotten better at dealing with the puke. Partially because my OCD is under control and partially because they make it to the toilet to do it.

Last night was an incredibly busy night in the MR household. #1 had spell bowl, my guy was a proctor for said spell bowl, I had class from 4:30-7:15 and #2 & #3 had to go to their Grandma’s to make it all work.

Once we were all at home about 8:30 my guy and I took a deep sigh and gathered our bearings to make our own dinner. All was good. Then I got the dreadful cry no one wants from # 2. “Mommy, my tummy hurts.” I go into hyper mother mode. Like what? Pukey hurt? Dizzy hurt? What kind of hurt? She proclaims that she ate too much junk and cried some that she ate too much stuff saying, “Momma, I wish I didn’t eat all that.” I tended to the others gave her some water and we waited to see what happened. About twenty minutes later….out it came on their new rug I just got for the bedroom remodel. Then it streamed all the way to bathroom. YUM!

I don’t tell you all this to share the gory details. Instead I am just saying my girl is sick. My busy schedule just got stopped to a screeching halt. I have tons of drafts to still go through. My biggest problem with that is I need a computer to do it and I barely have had time to sit down at a computer. I had to cancel my last class before the Thanksgiving holiday and they really kind of needed me. But I am a mom first and I think God likes to remind me of that every once in awhile.

I just gotta do what I can do. Which right now is massive loads of laundry and disinfecting.


One thought on “Fewer things bother me more than…

  1. Ahhh, I hate puke sicknesses! It is the worst. I feel like nothing will really clean it. It is so wonderful when they know to get to the bathroom, though! And I think your kids at school will be fine. After all, they are adults, right?! If they don’t get it now, it’s probably them, not you 😉

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