Saturday Sharing….

Gosh it has been awhile it feels like since I have had a Saturday Sharing. Such is the time in the semester…no excuses on my part. I am even blogging this Friday to be sure it gets done this week.

One thing I would love to share is photo sharing….

I love the photojojo website and subscribe to their newsletter. I have for many years now and have had many cute ideas. But I love the idea of the 365 project where you take a picture daily of your life. They argue that it tells you something about yourself and your life. I agree.

Or you can go to 365project, or get an app for Project 365, or go to this site, or this one. I think you catch the drift  here. It is everywhere and there are tons of variations and themes on it. I like photojojo’s version of it best. But I am partial.

The next Pinterest. Can I just say I am slowly loving this site. The ability to store my internet recipes alone keep me coming back and logging on. I wasn’t lying when I said I was going to use it as a way to organize my internet bookmarks and so I have.

But what is even better about that is that Pinterest introduced me to FoodGawker. Ever been? Go now! Seriously, click that link and go. Tell me you won’t be cooking soon. If I understand the site correctly I believe it is like pinterest but the food version. You look at recipes and click the picture and get taken to a blog they were written in. It is my belief this will change the way I cook at my house.

How can you not think this cake is scrumptious looking? Pulled from Raspberri Cupcakes. What’s that? You don’t like sweets or aren’t in the mood for them? Well what about buffalo chicken bites that make me want to lick the computer screen. Don’t believe me? Wanna see?

Have fun with that site! It all looks so yummy it just makes me want to cook all the time. And since I have so much to spare. Imagine me in my kitchen today. NOT!


Get a glimpse of where I surf regularly? Go to Saturday Sharing.


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