The Quiet Ones

I cannot speak for every marriage in the world. But it has been in my social circle and in my own experience that generally opposites attract. And no one could be more opposite to me than my guy. He is quiet and extremely private. I am not necessarily loud (maybe I am no one tells me) but I am not afraid to make some noise and I share way too much usually. I have always kind of considered him the push to my pull.

The other day I looked at his face. It isn’t that I don’t do this daily, but I guess I had been too busy to notice myself doing it or what was staring back at me. He smiled and I noticed age. I noticed wrinkles. I noticed his lessening hair. When I look at him and think of him I always envision this guy here.

This is the guy (my guy) that I married (sorry pic of pic). Here he is on our honeymoon we were having a late night stroll and he was drinking a beer. I snapped this shot and I have loved it since. I always have had it sitting on my fridge and I see it every time I opened it. The girls know it is my favorite. But that wasn’t the guy that I was looking back at the other day.

This got me thinking…gosh we have been together forever. I met him when I was 20. Married him when I was 22. Had his first baby girl at 24, 2nd at 27 and last at 32. So we have been together for 15 years. How amazing is that?

I imagine as I look in the mirror there are wrinkles staring back at me too and I just don’t see them. I sure as heck know there are gray hairs and more spider veins than I care to admit to. But what happens when you spend all that time together?

The ups and downs, the hard times, the good times? Man all the crazy stuff we have been through. I am not the easiest person to live with because of my OCD and he isn’t the easiest to live with because of he is so quiet. But we have managed to make it this long. That is something worth commenting on. Much of this blog is dedicated to my girls, my teaching, my life. But my guy…not near enough.

It is quiet on the home front much like him. I wanted to share this amazing song from our wedding. A song we both loved and neither of us are country fans. But we loved the meaning behind it.

Sammy Kershaw’s-Love of my Life

And how about some photos?

Our first what we thought was alone moment as husband and wife. I thought the photographer was still up at the alter. Wrong. It looks staged but it truly wasn’t. We grabbed a kiss in the hallway right before people were greeting us.

My most favorite picture from the wedding. The sunlight and the candles all were shining bright that day. Not to mention my guys head…Ha ha he would laugh considering we were just discussing if he should shave his head to a fully shiny bald head.

This is a bad pic of pic I admit. But I loved this moment. There was nothing else in this moment but each other. How many times can you say that happens in life? Ready to see some young kids?

How young do we look here? I am totally taken back when I see this. My how life changes and tramples on.

He is the love of my life. I just hope I can get better at remembering to really look at him.


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