Happy Thanks-give-give-giving Resolution

I have been struggling this week with giving.   Lately, I have noticed that the “givers” out there are getting smaller and smaller in numbers.  Not just with money, but also with their time.

I have seen someone, with a lot of passion to help others, take a lot of time to organize some wonderful community projects.  He spread the word in a big way to get others excited to help out with only a few hours of their time.  Yet, out of the 800 plus people who heard of the project, 5 people showed up to help.  I am really, really sorry that I was not even one of the 5.

Our elementary PTO is starting a huge recruitment project because if we do not get more members to help out, we are considering shutting down at the end of the school year.  We are going to be losing half of our 8 member crew.  The remaining 4 of us just feel too overwhelmed to carry on alone supporting the 650 students.  So far our recruiting has been met with crickets chirping.

At times I get pretty burned up about this.  Why do I care about how someone else’s kid is reading at school?  I don’t know the answer, but I do care for some reason.  Why do I care that our church, with a very large membership, had very few Operation Christmas Child boxes this year?  I don’t know, I was hoping to see hundreds of boxes go out to all the orphans of the world when we have so much.  Instead it looked like a pretty puny stack in my eyes.

It saddens me seeing less and less of people coming together to do good.  I know how it feels to have a passion for something and not have the support to make a big difference like I want. Because of knowing that feeling, I am making a resolution a little early (or a little late depending on your view).  I am going to be more open to helping others who have a big passion and need support, even when it isn’t my passion too.  Instead of feeling discouraged about the amount of people helping and giving up, I will know that the dent that we make is better than nothing.


One thought on “Happy Thanks-give-give-giving Resolution

  1. I’m with ya! I get so discouraged sometimes, but I honestly love helping out and making a difference. I’d rather spread myself to thin at times than to not get involved at all. 🙂

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