Santa Clause is coming to town!

Or maybe not.  This past weekend as we were putting up the Christmas decorations around the house, Oldest “kinda” asked her father if Santa was real.  As I was brought into the conversation, I could tell that her father REALLY wanted to tell her the truth.

Ever since we had our babies he wanted to avoid the Santa thing all together, just keeping to the real truth of the holiday.  I was afraid if we raised them with no Santa at all, they might ruin it for other kids or be mad at us for keeping that little bit of childhood fantasy from them.  So we met halfway and try to concentrate on Jesus and never push the Santa stuff too hard.  He just comes to our house for a snack of cookies and milk and to fill all of our stockings.  The kiddos also leave some carrots out for the reindeer to munch on.

As I sat down, I simply asked oldest to repeat her question to me.  She hesitated, looking back and forth into our eyes.  She ended up deciding that she didn’t want to know the answer yet which tells me that she does know, she just isn’t ready to hear it out loud.  She doesn’t want to let go of the fantasy just yet.

I walked away happy, keeping my “little” girl for a while longer.  Her father walked away happy knowing that inside she knows the truth.  Oldest walked away happy too, getting to believe in some magic for a little bit longer.


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