You may not realize what you are looking at but I do! It is lightening in a bottle. It is that once in a lifetime…these kids. They are all amazing. Each and everyone of them will move on from my class and do amazing things in the world and I am quite certain most of them will be helping the world and those that live in it to make it better. Most already are.

When I was resizing this photo to put up here I was trying to go through each one and pick my favorite. The funny thing is every single one them had something that made them my favorite. I got incredibly lucky this semester in both the classes I teach. The teaching was never a burden. My burden usually lied in my graduate studies.

In every class I always find and love the special ones (and most have stayed in touch with them and keep up on what they are doing). But that is just it, there are a handful, never a whole class. This one every single stinking one of them has it. I literally had three absences all semester all together between all of them. They never missed assignments and when they did they went out of their way to make up for it. They were always so respectful and appreciative of what I gave them and vice versa. When I asked permission to take their photo and then post on my blog they all got as emotional as I did and yelled out, “YES!”

The hardest part about any semester is thinking you have to tell them good bye. I know I always take it harder than they do. But it is like being a parent, they needed me and now they don’t. They are all fully capable and ready to move on from the lessons I had to teach. So in the words of Dr. Suess:

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”


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