Final Times=Funny Times

Okay not really and that is a lame comparison but it is finals week and most of my humor, intelligence and wit is gone. It instead is wrapped up in student finals drafts and grades and my final projects and grade. The final push that by Friday will be completed. So my participation here on this here blog will be sporadic and minimal.  Add in there the migraines that won’t leave me alone and I am just a peach to be around!


But I do have a funny story I want to share about # 2. On Saturday she asked to help me make pancakes from scratch. I have never really let her do this before because she is so funny about smells and textures. Most of the cooking she helps with is easier and more like washing veggies and cutting them up. But she wanted to do baking soda in the pancakes. Initially she didn’t like the smell and texture of it. She said, “Mom, it tastes like soap.” But I asked her to go ahead and finish up. We made the pancakes and served them.

As she is eating I see her face contorting and she looks as though she will cry. She will only eat pancakes with powdered sugar on them. I couldn’t figure it out because we had made to her exact specifications. I said, “What’s the matter?”

She starts crying and says so sadly, “Mom, I guess I just don’t like pancakes anymore. It tastes so sour.” It was a huge deal because pancakes were a new found love for her. She was sad and I could not figure it out. I quickly grabbed a pancake and tasted it and good grief did it ever have too much baking soda. The girl must have put the whole thing in there while I was not looking. I didn’t want to blame her, so I just agreed and we giggled as a family about Mommy made horrible pancakes.

Oh well, I guess at least she tried, right?

Picture pulled from (not endorsing site as I know nothing of it)


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