Back in the saddle and kind of bitchy.

I am just gonna lay it out there. I am a grump. A bahumbug. A sourpuss. My life has been hectic and I have had no time to work out, to spend with my kids or with my guy. And well I realized that isn’t a good combination. So after today I am done. My phone is going off (metaphorically speaking), I am not answering my email and I am gonna relax. This all means I am gonna screen my life heavily and decide who I let in it. I am ready to get back to calm and get back to the meaning of the season. I am not angry I had to dedicate all my time and energy to other stuff. I am just ready to put that stuff on a shelf and say I did the best I could.

I have ran into some pretty mean people. I have dealt with some real assholes. Some were students, some were store workers, some were just people I crossed paths with. I quickly found their attitudes affected mine. I am not generally a grumpy person. But I am when I have crapped on one too many times. It culminated into a firestorm of grouchiness tomorrow that many people received the brunt of. I am not ashamed I did it either. Most of them had it coming in thinking they could push me and push me.

I am one of those people. You know the ones…..I will put up with a lot. But once you push me too far, you know it. I won’t put up with it. I am not afraid to stand up for myself.

I have a much better post than this ruminating in my head and it will come. But right now I have an egg to scramble, toast to make and a shower needed to clean up. It will happen today…just you wait. In the meantime, I promise the bitchiness will go down the drain with the soap and shampoo.

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