365.43 – Chex Mix

I am a good cook. I come from a line of good cooks. There are two things I ritually screw up all the time. Garlic bread…it burns every stinking time. No matter how many times I make it or how many directions I follow. It burns. So my guys is always in charge of garlic bread.

The second is chex mix. It is certainly edible when I make it but good it is not. It is okay. I eagerly await my mother in law’s or if I am lucky enough I get my dad’s who makes gianourmous sized batches. Well I ask nonchalantly told my dad, “I love your chex mix, it is so good.” Seconds flat I had the recipe marked all up in my hand with ingredients to help. And in typical T family tradition he had tweaked it (I tweak every recipe to make it my own) to make it taste wonderful. It is no coincidence that this will be marked down as the very first year ever I made irresistible chex mix. And no I am not sharing the recipe, but I can tell you this version is not good for my waist. But it is so so so good.


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