365.47-Take Your Pick

This is how we do it at la Maison Rhetoric for the holidays. I awake at 3:30am to giggles and shusshs to go back to sleep. Only to have them wake up two hours later giggling yet again and accusing me of snorting snores. Whatever! Silly me was so out of it, cause let’s be honest Santa had to stay up until 12AM to wait them out to finally come leave his loot, I forgot to take pictures at the original grand unwrapping. Take it from me the Rhetoric baby girls were spoiled rotten and then some. Most prized possessions this year for #1 was Kinect for Xbox, #2 Motion Sensed Littlest Pet Shop Tree House and #3 was the lighted cups her grammy picked her up. Well one was hers but she loved them so much she has proclaimed, “Mine!” about 300 times whenever someone tries to take them.

As I said, my girls got up too early and I tried to pacify them with stockings but that lasted 20 minutes so we jiggled #2 & my guy awake and dug in. In a matter of minutes we blew through all the presents and stockings. The girls were simply euphoric. They were in love. Pretend I snapped tons of pictures and you would see many gleeful smiles from my adorable little princesses. Then I made an incredibly unhealthy breakfast that we had too much of. Then my guy and I climbed back into bed and the girls took in all their loot. Then hi ho hi ho it was off to Grandma’s we go.

Cracking into Grandma and Grandpa’s Loot (#3 was so adorable this year and cared more about present opening that she happily opened Daddy’s and Mommy’s)

#2 getting the Sock Monkey she was after

Beautiful # 1 sporting her “Snow Nerdy” shirt and hugging on her angry bird (what the heck are these things anyway…yes I am that out of the loop)

Playing with Grandpa and all their new goodies

And then later in the day after a Christmas dinner of roast and taters and carrots

Aren’t we cute in our new jammies and slippers?

Or not? (They wanted a silly one..I obliged after the nice one)

And then there is #3 and her dancing. It is making quite the name for itself as she spent the better part of the Christmas Eve Service dancing in the aisles. I have to share the progression of pictures here for you to get the gist. Watch her hips.

There is actually a lot of dancing going on around these parts thanks to our new Xbox Kinect Dance Central 2

The whole Kinect thing I am not sure about at this point…this thing is freaking me out. It watches me and moves, talks back and listens to my conversations. Weird! The best dancer though by far is my guy. Or at least he thinks he is. (WINK)

Poor Puppy Rhetoric hiding under the table thinking, “I am getting the heck outta here. You people are weird!” And yes, I think the Kinect is weird but that it is not weird I can tell you what my dog is thinking.

#3 making slippers of her own out of box foam before she realizes I am again in her face with that darn camera and goes all shy

This here concludes the end of our fabulous Christmas day. The rest of my day will include some alcohol and then some cheesy Lifetime Christmas movies and then some much needed sleep. The rest will wait for me tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “365.47-Take Your Pick

  1. First of all, your daughters are freaking beautiful woman! Secondly, I’m so glad you had a great Christmas! I was very much hoping you would. Lastly, you take GREAT pictures. Maybe I will let you take one of me 🙂

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