365.49-Just Write

Have you been watching the news recently? If  you have you have likely heard the story of little Aliahna. Or you saw the headline, “Cops: Babysitter bludgeoned girl, 9, then dismembered her” and just didn’t have the heart to read further. Who could blame you?

I have discussed many times here I have a very inquisitive brain. I am in the profession I am in because I wonder why people think and do the things they do. Writing is an awesome avenue to explore that. I find myself intrigued by why these things happen. I venture out into the world wide web researching them. Researching what led upto horrific events and researching the people involved. Some people call it websluething. But really for me it all ties back to me to an everlasting search for a truth, the truth or so on. When school is in that need is occupied so I don’t venture much out into the dark. But I am out and the fact that this girl was 25 minutes away from me and I am the mother to three girls. It had my attention from the beginning.

I truly never expected the outcome though. I covered myself in the naive belief that it won’t happen here. Not this close to home. Then each day passed and still nothing. Last night news broke late on our local stations that they had located the body and arrested someone. I sat with my oldest trying to explain why this world is scary. Then today as we sat down to lunch we have on regular old daytime TV and news breaks of the awful horrors that happened to this sweet girl. And the details were too much. I vomited in my mouth. Who could do such a thing? What monster created this and what situation allowed for this to happen.

I have seen criticism of parents home choice. I don’t buy that one. What if it was all they could afford? I have seen criticism of her mother and I think it well deserved but I sit in church and am told to not pass judgment. But it is so hard. The facts of this case make it so hard. The truth is so hard. Who could do this and why? What prompted such a horrible horrible death? And how in the heck is a mother/father able to walk free when they, even unknowingly, do not investigate where and who they’re children are with?

I am given a hard time on a regular basis because I won’t just leave my children with anybody. But this is why. This was a family friend. A family friend who had spent many nights with this child. If that can happen to her who is to say it couldn’t happen to me and my family?

It is so hard to find the right words that make it feel better. Because it is wrong. And I am sure as the details about this poor child and her situation emerge it will become even harder. All I can do to help now is hold my girls a little tighter and be grateful that I am vigilant. I pray extremely hard that the justice system takes care of the rest.


2 thoughts on “365.49-Just Write

  1. I agree, way too close to home. As I watched the news last night I felt so sick to my stomach. I will never understand how or why people do such horrific things. 😦

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