A week ago we thought this might be the end. Our pup “Cece” might be 12 years old but she is not giving up without a fight. Last week she could not lift up her head at all. We had to prop it  up for her. She was in visible pain and refused all nourishment.  A trip to vet revealed tired old disks. She has dislocated or damaged a disk in her neck trying to be the puppy she no longer is. A cortisone shot, and a pain/cortisone pill and she has been good. She did have a repeat spell last night but surprisingly woke up feeling all frisky as above picture shows. The vet admitted she is on her last leg and should limit jumping, barking and running to nil. But can someone tell her that? She goes in tomorrow for teeth cleaning and to have some infected teeth pulled that he believes are making her feel bad. She cannot go under though because I guess it is common they don’t come back sometimes when they are this age so she will get laughing gas.

We are pretty certain we will get another once she is gone. But she will be so hard to replace. She is such a good and mild mannered dog to have. Our first baby, though we did have a dog before her. But it started out mine and my guy adopted her. Our first together. We just adore her and she is our little princess.


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