My poor puppy. I talked earlier last week about my sweet doggy getting old and have some problems. We sent her in for a routine teeth cleaning that turned out to be anything but. While on the table she had a seizure, lost all body temperature and they had to bring her back. Then for the next four hours she bounced back and forth. They decided to observe her for another day and we were able to get her home. She wasn’t even home for an hour and she started seizing again. We literally spent the rest of the day worried sick about our poor pup. They drugged her beyond compare and we were down to the last med we could try. Finally, it stopped. So far she seems good.

We believe in the midst of her seizures she had some sight damage and some paralysis on her left side. Vet says we will just have to wait and see if it is temporary or permanent. She does seems to be improving though. The meds she is currently on stop all seizing, so we are doing a trial with them to give her a break. Once we wean her off in a week we will see if they continue. At that point we should be able to determine if it was her teeth cleaning and the anesthesia that caused them or if it is a permanent issue. If it is we have decisions to make.

It is official we have an elderly dog. She is struggling with controlling her bladder and sorry to be gross but cannot really hold herself up to poop. That is in my opinion not a good way to live.

My guy and I are just so devastated that this was all triggered by her teeth cleaning because we were very worried about risks going into this with her age. But we were assured that it would be fine. But they did end up having to use anesthesia and that is where they believe the problems started. I guess older dogs don’t do well with it. Before anyone starts thinking we should be upset with our vets. They have been awesome and treated all of our family pets. I don’t believe they ever thought this would happen and have always been so good about working non-hours to take care of our pets. They are good people.

Just keep our little Cecelia Rae in your heart and mind.



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