A post written at least 100 times

I am finding it a struggle to even attempt a New Years post. Aren’t I supposed to have something extremely profound and enlightening to share. Or my long lists of I am grateful for and I will be better this ways. I don’t have them this year. I am never one for resolutions because I am and have always been acutely aware of who I am. When I break promises to myself it hurts and I cause myself weeks of agony and beating up. Therefore, it is just easier to say…I don’t make resolutions.

I won’t come on here and write some deep prophetic post about anything. Instead, I will say 2011 was probably one of the crappiest years I have ever had. You had what you saw here on the surface and then you have what I didn’t really share because it is/was extremely personal and mostly not blogworthy. There was some enlightening that happened. I learned a lot about myself and what I have and don’t have. I learned to ask for help when it was needed and I admitted to myself I have weaknesses. All hard admittances for my controlling type A self. So even though the year was crappy I believe I would deem it a success.

The pressure is on to write some great post here for the “New Year’s” post and well it just won’t happen. In just write I am just writing. That is what I do. I write to recognize that even with a bad year there was too much good to dwell on the bad. As I type I hear my #3 singing Twinkle Twinkle. My #2 is playing with her critters in the tub and # 1 is ipoding as usual and my guy….my guy was just in here dancing to make me smile. Seriously, how does life get better than this? It is just plain time to move forward. Welcome 2012!


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