Saturday Sharing

Has it really been since November 19th that I had a Saturday Sharing? Well apparently. Momma woke up a little crabby this AM, so I gladly came back to my cave to spend a little alone time with the computer. My girls are in absolute driving me batty stage. #1 is little miss attitude, talk back, you are stupid, I know everything stage. # 2 is super sensitive, cryey, high maintenance, no one likes me phase. The two combined…About like a volcano about to erupt. They hate each other. Yes I worry about this at night when I go to bed. I try and remember my own childhood with my own sister that was similar to # 1. It was bad, too. I just don’t know how to handle it. #1 had her best friend over last night and I felt so horrible for her best friend because the two of them could not get along for nothing. Best friend of # 1 says to me, “They always cry when I come over.” And they do. She is right. #1 brags because she can do things #2 can’t. # 2 thinks life is horribly unfair and she has the worst life ever. I finally pulled # 1 out and said we needed to have a serious talk. We haven’t shared with her the extent of #2’s problems. But I think it is time. I am not making excuses for # 2 but most of the time it is #1 making fun of #2’s ways of dealing with the world. So you see my problem?

First Sharing….Sibling Rivalry

Second Sharing…Hair Color at Home

I love my hair dresser. She gets me. She gets my OCD ways when it comes to hair. I hadn’t seen her in 18 months and still she gets me. She knows I hate product on my hair. She knows I like plain but with flair. She just gets me. So I got four inches cut off my hair yesterday. It was time. I was in my wear a ponytail every day phase which is always a sure fire sign for me that I need hair cut. I did it. After seeing the salon lights on my hair I noticed way too much grade. Usually my stylist makes every effort to extract (her word…not mine) the grays. There were too many. And well I start teaching Monday. It is kind of obvious what happened next right?

  • My Guy became a colorist via….Nice ‘N Easy. He acts like he hates it but he has been coloring my hair since our early dating years. I think he likes the sciencey part of it
  • Now if you are interested in coloring…RUSH OUT today and cash in on this CVS deal…My hair color was 5 dollars and some change and you got$2 CVS bucks back and last week there was a $1.00 coupon.

Last but not least….Food Allergies?

I have eaten tilapia fish my whole life. For my celebratory meal when #3 was born my guy and I decided to order tilapia. Within five minutes of eating it my throat swelled and my tongue grew to twice its size. I was given benedryl and was quite sure I was going die. But then I figured the hospital was best play to be if I were to die from eating tilapia. I thought it was fluke and ate it again…Same response. Well we are almost three years since and still. I investigate fish allergies and found tilapia to be one of the worst.


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Sharing

  1. Sibling rivalry is the pits isn’t it?!?! It makes me crazy when the kids won’t get along. UGH
    You sound just like me about your hair. I always know I’m over due for a hair cut when my hair ends up in the ponytail everyday. And thanks for the CVS tip. I am also overdue for a color. The grays are taking over. Hope the day gets better. 🙂

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