365.69, 70 & 71

Time to play catch up!

I have officially moved back to my cave because of classes and so expect this backdrop quite often. I am surprised after many many years with being obsessed with purple (and yes it is that crazy) and I had never owned purple nail polish. Well I fixed that. Purple nail polish it is…It has some witty grapey name. I heart it!

Is the glass half full? I am calling it half full. I have been hit by an incredible mood and sense of relief. I am not sure why. But life feels a little lighter. I am guessing it was lightening my load. I hate losing that money, but I do not feel overwhelmed. And reese’s pieces because can you see that inbox back there in the background? GULP!

And for my favorite of the bunch…

Me and my most favoritest guy ever. My guy. Who never poses for pictures. Who hates pictures and demanded right before this that I tell him if it was going on my blog. Oh well. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him right. And my super cheesy smile is because of the massive effort I had to go to in order to get him to even half smile. All three girls worked on getting him to smile.


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