365.74-Sneaking in two and bragging so look away!

Apparently nerds make nerds.

WARNING: Bragging Mom Alert that may make you roll your eyes! But I just gotta!

My #2’s teacher has started a new thing. On Mondays there are surprise spelling tests. So my daughter has taken up the challenge to Ace every single one of the never had before spelling words. Has not missed one yet!

And that would be her proudly trying to tackle my college textbook.Edmund Spenser for a 2nd grader anyone? And yes she did try to tackle it until she saw the word sex and started to giggle and determined she cannot read it, “It has bad words in it, Mom!”

The best part of her is how oblivious she is to her smartness. My # 1 is smart and she knows it. That isn’t always a good combo. This one…she thinks she isn’t smart and really is pretty unaffected by how others perform unless it is related to time. Other’s performance doesn’t bother her but others quickness in tasks do. Not because she is worried about being first but instead because she is painfully slow sometimes and she worries she is running out of time. My other daughter can tell me the grade, reading level and most academic information about everyone she has ever come in contact with in her five years of school. My # 2 is either too naive to realize her abilities or she just does not care about how she is in relation to others. It is kind of fun to watch her excel and not realize what it is that I see. One smart cookie!


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