Fried Rice with my Girl

Last week I met a previous student, now friend, at our local Flat Top Grill. I was pretty stoked to have found the place and but pretty bummed it had been there all this time and I just walked right passed it. No worries folks, I have finally initiated the relationship and will be maintaining because for 7.99 I can eat all I can possibly shove in my pie hole. Many of my readers know I crave various types of oriental food on a regular basis. I argue it is the want what you can’t have theory. My family doesn’t like this type of food. Therefore, I make “special” dates to get it. But at 7.99 that is nothing special so I am heading there more often now.

And since I cannot live in these restaurants every night I have been forced to develop my own version of fried rice. One that my #2 and I created after my lunch date on Saturday. I came home and I was all dreamy and in love with food and so we sat down and developed a plan. One that we carried out to the fullest.

This semester I have class on Tuesday nights. My stomach always kind of struggles the first few weeks of eating at weird times. I came home feeling nauseous and wasn’t sure if puke was coming up or if I should put something in. #2 says, “let’s make that fried rice.” I didn’t want to disappoint her and she knew I bought the stuff at the grocery to carry  it out. I agree. I was so glad I did. What happened next was awesome. We spent a half hour uninterrupted cooking.

This plays so nicely into her fascinations. Can’t remember if I shared it or not but one of the “unique” things about my girl is that she loves to memorize cookbooks and always associates recipes with their aisles in the store. I know it is different but it is her. I have always kind of though she could be a chef with her insane ability to pack this info in.

Back to my story….I chopped veggies and she did the sauteing and rice frying which actually isn’t really frying at all. My girl cooked fried rice. How awesome is she? Don’t believe me? I took pictures…oh you know I did.

Want our recipe?

Cut up 1/4 cup of onion and saute in a tbsp or two of sesame oil (can substitute butter but the fat will be higher if that is a concern) and give a splash or two of soy sauce. At this point if you want anything to saute or get softer add it. We like mushrooms and broccoli and peas. Not all together. So far it has been mushrooms every time and one time with broccoli and one time with peas. You really aren’t limited here. I love love squash in this, but squash is harder to find right now. In a side pan scramble one egg (You can add the raw egg into the rice but it gave it a texture # 2 and I didn’t like as well). Once the veggies break down and soften add in your rice and torn up egg. Make rice of your choice (I prefer brown)…ahead of time. You could even use take out rice. It is better and fluffier if cold when it goes into pan. At this point add soy sauce to your liking and let it go. You may have to add more oil or a smidge of butter. You don’t want your soy sauce to caramelize. It will give it a bitter flavor.

You are really only limited by your imagination with the veggies you can add in here. And really you could cut up steak, chicken or pork. We loved the mushrooms and really let that be the hearty part of the dish. Please make and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Fried Rice with my Girl

  1. I am so excited to be blog-worthy 😉 !!!! I should try to make it as well! My family likes that kinda stuff, and I can’t believe your #2 can already kinda cook. I haven’t even considered that with my oldest. Guess it brings on a whole new list of what her and I can do.

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