Saturday Sharing

Okay so this week was crazy…a little less crazy than normal but crazy because it was the first week back. But I feel like huge strides have been made in my life to make things feel less hectic and this is what my whole family needed. Less teaching hours (which I will miss) and more mommy hours reminding me that is why I do this. I do and will miss the money of teaching full time, but I don’t miss the stress at the cost of my sanity or my family life.

Money Saving Sharing….

Music Sharing

I have been falling more and more in love with Spotify and less and less in love with Pandora. Check it out and you can sync to Facebook to be able to hone in on what others are listening too.

TV Show Sharing

Last but not least….I am now obsessed with a few shows. The top of list that I will reasonably argue every single nerd in the world (and anyone who live with/loves/hangs out with a nerd) should watch. The Big Bang Theory and thanks to TBS I can dvr all the repeats that I didn’t watch and catch up. I just adore watching them all together like that. Pretty sure this was my favorite episode….Sheldon and I. Maybe long lost siblings.

One Tree Hill just came back to start the first of it’s very last season. Another love I have courtesy of my dvr. I am know for watching shows on reruns that I didn’t normally watch. OTH is one of those. I was instantly in love with the teenage angst and drama and feel like I have been with them from the beginning. Therefore, for the last four seasons have faithfully tuned in on their original airing night. The first episode did not disappoint. The music is by far the best part of the show. If you can have access to my spotify you would see that much of what I love comes from there. I would probably argue that Bethany Joy is one of the best most under appreciated singers there is. As well, she is so accessibly on twitter, facebook and her blog to her fans. She is a mom with a crazy busy life and I think that is something I can relate to. I am embarrassed a little to admit I like this show but oh well.

Once Upon a Time is a really cool experiment in playing with fairytales and real life. Just watch. It won’t disappoint. Now don’t confuse this with the Grimm’s show that is on one of the networks. For me that one is a little too dark and gruesome. But if you have read Grimm’s you get it. I watched once and that was enough.

And finally….Person of Interest. If you aren’t watching you don’t know what you are missing. If you like intense, bad ass drama coupled with mystery and intrigue you are missing out. This show is a fresh take on “crime” and “punishment” that has been over done by the law and order and CSI series. It allows for citizens vigilantism that makes us wonder if we aren’t all being watched. It is just super cool and super techy. The main character is bad ass and I specifically choose that word. He kicks everything. I love it!


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