That was quick. Part 1

I am gonna start this post off with a warning for my male gendered audience that I know exists. This might the very moment you want to pass this post. Just go ahead and clicky on the little x and move on by. If you stay don’t say I didn’t warn you.


I believe some of my post the other day about my surgery being elective led people to believe I may have opted for surgery of the plastic sort. And well as much as I would have loved that kind of surgery (NOT) that wasn’t my election. Instead, in order to treat the migraines we decided to eliminate harsh hormonal fluctuations. How do you do this one might ask? You get rid of what causes those fluctuations as best you can. I had two options. I could have a hysterectomy and eliminate my periods which comes with massive recovery and longer hospital stay (Mommyjargon might know a little more about this). This procedure is guaranteed to stop periods. Or I could have an endometerial ablation (mine specifically was Novasure). Which can often times be done in a doctors office and requires less recovery. This procedure had a 95% success rate of eliminating periods all together. The choice was easy for me. I went with ablation and my doc decided to throw in a massive dilation and curettage  for good measure.

There was one problem with my option though. It would make my uterus fully inhospitable for a pregnancy. Therefore, the FDA required that it be done with a sterilization or proof of sterilization be provided. So my guys and decided to have a tubal ligation with it. Which moved me over to the hospital but in an outpatient setting.

Now the doctor cannot fully advertise that this will rid me of periods. But he had numbers that could prove it. They just won’t let him day that is what it does because its intended use is not that.

Anyway I had an awesome experience. The hospital was great. The nurses were superb. My doctor was heavenly. He is great about explaining what is going on. How it will work and helping me get rid of these damn headaches. In the past year he has been a tremendous advocate for me and supporting the fact that I should not have to live like this. If you are from my area, this whole practice is amazing (thanks for the tip Mommyjargon). Makes me sad that I didn’t explore them until after my babies were born. As I am sure they would have been awesome.

This concludes part 1. Yes this is a boring ol’ 2 parter but I would argue this maybe the be boring part. The next one is MommyRhetoric being MR. Spouting off!

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