Don’t want to go there again.

Yesterday was bad. I felt horrible. I had a tremendous amount of pain and felt like I had the flu all day long. As the day progressed it got worse and worse and I ended up in tears most of the afternoon and evening. I was shocked by just how much pain I was in given that I was taking massive doses of pain meds. By the evening I grew lethargic, could not move and my fever was very high and it warranted a call to the doctor on call.  They told my guy to double my meds, add in advil and lots of drinking of water. They suspected dehydration. Well, it worked. My guy stayed up and nursed me through the night and by 3:30am I was sweating profusely and my fever broke. I slept like I have never slept and woke up at 8 am feeling like a new woman and have not had a fever again.

So I am not sure what all that was about all I know is yesterday was a complete and absolute blur. My phone nurse warned me but I guess I was feeling so good after surgery I did not take her serious. I just hope things continue to stay that way. I now have massive amounts of bruising around my gut. My bottom lip and gum has been numb since surgery (they believe pinched nerves from being intubated), my incisions look “grody” according to my children. I am told 6 weeks to fully return all that back to normal. But my body, I can tell is so much better already. I can stand up and sit down without cursing and can now head to the bathroom on my own.


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