365.87-Pin it baby!

Yes folks, you see that right. I tortured my family with brussel sprouts last night (imagine yourself hearing me say….oh yea to some slow and steady beat right now). They went nuts. They could not believe I would make them eat something that looked like THAT! I tried to convince them they are very similar to their favorite green veg, the asparagus. They did not buy into it at all. #3 says, “Eww momma, they stink!” #1, ate it but held her nose & # 2 decided to dip hers in ranch. Meanwhile, they loved that I had a pile on my plate and I ate them all!

And folks, I am all about multi-tasking here in MRland so that folks will be my third pin for the week.

PIN3) The recipe can be found here and I loved it. It cooked nicely and I left out the pine nuts. Mostly because I never have pine nuts. I am not even sure I have ever bought pine nuts. Who buys pine nuts….wait a minute…Mommy Jargon, I bet you have pine nuts? There was one major downside to making these little green gems. The smell. Folks, two wax melting sessions and my house still smells like cabbage. EWWW! Tread cautiously when you know you aren’t having guests. Or just don’t enjoy unpleasant long lasting smells. I fall into the latter.


Just pinning life away….Watch me pin here.


3 thoughts on “365.87-Pin it baby!

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