I love you but…

Man have the love vibes been flowing up in here. I love my guy, I love my girls, I love my bed, I love my family, I love my friends and Man oh man have you figured out I love my life? And while all that is great and good I feel the urge to be true to myself. I always hate when you are blurfing (blog surfing) and you stumble upon a love fest blog that comes across more like my life is perfect….NAH NAH…yours sucks.

Here at MR I am all about being true to myself and you. If only those blurfing would go old school MR they would see sometimes life bites. I just have this crazy idea that I can’t change everything, so I ignore it. Otherwise known as, I took many drugs during my surgery and can you tell I am an, “I love you” drunk?

Therefore, I believe it is time to make some startling confessions.

  1. I love having the bed to myself. And I kind of like to take the occasional nap. I cuddle up with #3 so she can warm me. I am a total user.
  2. I cannot believe no one gave me crap about my Carebear Bedspread…yes folks. I love it. I sleep with it every single night of the year because I am the mom and I can.
  3. While on the subject of my bed, my sheets are different than my blanket and my pillow case is different then both. They are all chosen that way because they are incredibly soft and I love the soft. In the words of Pioneer Woman from the episode from January 21, “Look it is..(Damn I cannot remember what she said but it was good and had something to do with being old but pretty).”
  4. I have a cold. I have a giant sized cold with snot, sore throat and everything. But I figured I already begged for too much sympathy that it would be “unkuth” of me to ask for more. Besides I don’t feel near as miserable as I did a week ago.
  5. Sometimes my girls get on my last nerve. I love them I do. But have you been in a house full of girls? If one is not crying, one is screaming and mad at the other. When they do get along it is in a secretive you are not a part of OUR CIRCLE, Mom sort of way!
  6. My guy as adorable and lovable as he may be snores like he is sawing wood for the next great railroad rush. I punch him through the night on a regular basis. Sometimes there may even be bruises.
  7. I looked at my cell phone today I have sent and received combined almost 6000 messages this month (Thank goodness for unlimited texts). The scary and sad part, well there is two scary and sad parts, is that almost 5000 of them were one word answers like: ok, True, Good and the like. And the scary 2nd: I text like five to seven people all together.
  8. I am the woman who a year ago proclaimed I would just use texting as a convenience. Now apparently I use it to keep me company. :/ I did give myself some leeway because of the surgery. I did text odd ball people and more than usual. Next month’s goal. 3000 meaningful texts with two words at least.
  9. The reason that my house still reaked of brussel spouts was actually not the fault of the poor little brussel sprouts. It was the fault of this woman who left the pan they were cooking in my sink unwashed.
  10. When I was working on “Less of Me” I was rarely sick and rarely struggled with migraines. Since “Less of Me” went on hiatus in the semester that killed me (RIP Fall 11′) I have been sick a lot. Not miserable kill me sick, but sick. I had to have surgery for migraines. Do I even need to say what this points too? Good news, I officially lost 14lbs during my surgery stuff. A great start for when I can actually work out again which is happening soon.

So I guess you can see while I have a really awesome life, perfection is far from it. I get by with sarcasm, friends, family, reruns of Big Bang Theory and of course my carebear bedspread.


2 thoughts on “I love you but…

  1. I just had to reply because about your bed stuff: I have mismatched stuff all of the time, and people would laugh b/c hubby and I use our own bedspreads. I just liked mine tucked all around me, haha, I don’t wanna share, so I think it’s funny. And #5 really made me lol b/c I KNOW!!!! Oh my gosh! I always have someone crying or throwing a fit at me 😉 Nothing like 3 li’l girls drama to keep you on your toes.

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