This is where I catch up—-365

One of these days I won’t play catch up. I am on my eight-nineth day of a fever. It isn’t as high but it is there and enough to keep me pretty mellow. I did check in with my family doc today to see when and if I should would. They suggested waiting till Wednesday and if I still have it then maybe do another lab draw. I still think I just caught some cooties from my baby girls and it kicked my butt hard cause of my surgery. Surgery stuff feels great and I wouldn’t take any of it back. I am still functioning teaching and my own classes I just come home and crash. Which is catching up with my house but what ya gonna do?

365.88-Baby Girl #3 Had Croup (evidence of cootie 1)-Look closely. We have a technology attachment already.

365.89-I love my lefty. 365.90-My mixer broke, mashing it up old school365.91-Baby Girl #1 rocking a pale face and a fever along with a head full of snot (Evidence of cootie 2)


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