I am okay

Thank you for all the emails, text and comments on my post. I didn’t want to create drama which is exactly why I did not tell any of you what was going on and how bad I actually felt. I told very few. And because it was labeled a “virus” I was forced to deal with my family doctor and keep my gyn/surgeon in the loop which is why I posted my post, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” I was treated as if I was making it up or it couldn’t be near as bad as I described especially with the accompanying ER tests from immediately after the surgery. But the thing is I did feel that bad. But I thought maybe they were right. So I went to work. I faked it. I taught. I faked it. I came home and crashed. I tried to convince myself I would wake up in the morning and be better. And I wasn’t.

The good news is I am officially under a doctor’s care and had many, many tests. A doctor (actually two) who cared about me and wanted me seen immediately and did not ever offer up a well you will just have to ride this out. In fact, I got the opposite. And we are on the path to figure out what is going on. It will take a day or so to wait for some of the tests to come back. By Wednesday two things will have happened. I will either have kicked what this is to the curb via antibiotics or I will be treated for whatever said above tests find. I had to drive to the city to make it happen but it was time.

As for how I am feeling today. I am still running a fever. I am pukey but for me that is a typical reaction. I respond to stress via puke. As well, the antibiotic I am currently on has that side effect. I feel a little less miserable but I think that is because I am finally in the hands of a doctor who is taking me serious.


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