Saturday Sharing…LATE

What has been on my google browser this week:

Body GallerySite here-For when I can finally work out again. This site is cool cause you put in your height and weight and you can see other women who look yourself. Although the comparing part I struggle with it is kind of nice to put it in perspective.

Crockpot Recipes make me feel like I am at least trying to cook decently for my family.

  • Site 1 (not always healthy)
  • Crockin Girls
  • Grilled Island Chicken (haven’t made yet but looks awesome)
  • Cafe Rio Chicken (On my second batch and in love)
  • My Own Tip…ribs of choice in the bottom & add bottle of your preferred bbq sauce (a can of coke & small bottle of ketchup works too). Place foil over it and then wash and foil up potatoes for baked potatoes. This needs at least 6 hours on high but it works great. You can also add in corn on the cob frozen or fresh (peeled)
  • Skinny Crock Pot
  • Rotisserie Chicken in Crock Pot (I am on some kind of chicken kick)

Myomectomy FeverSearch Results Here-This is the actual diagnosis. When I am feeling better 100% I will buy it. But you will see it is hard to find much about it other than it releases toxins into your body and makes you feel bad. I could have said that.

Last but not least….Go run and watch Alcatraz. This show is really awesome. I have spent a lot of intimate time with my tv lately and I am glued to it for this one. Watch it if you like mystery and drama.


Get a glimpse of where I surf regularly? Go to Saturday Sharing.


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