Warning! Thinking May Cause Stress!

Sometimes the most simple directions are the hardest to follow.

I take a bible class once a week.  I have taken other bible studies in the past, but all of them usually involved listening to a speaker or reading a book and then discussing or answering a few questions about what that person said.  The homework for this study is more intense and time consuming than any of my previous studies.  Lots of reading, lots of thinking.

I decided to take the class because I am a Christian, but I don’t feel I know much past the basics of what it takes to become a Christian.  I grew up Catholic, rarely went to church until I was married in a Lutheran church.  I did not like the two churches we went to after we had children so I decided to try out a non-demoninational church.  We are still there 8 years later.

Last week for class I read 1 Corinthians.  It covers some rules Christians should follow.  Two have caught my attention and been on my mind ever since.

The first one was that we should not take fellow Christians to court and let a (possibly) non-christian judge the case.  It said that it was better to accept the mistreatment, that doing that is far more honoring than going to court.  (I am using my own words here, if you want to read it for yourself go to 6:7.)

This one stung a bit.  I had just been so mad at MR’s doctor for mistreating her, for making her condition worse.  I even mentioned “malpractice suit” to her.  Oops.  My brother was in a very serious accident when he was in 7th grade.  The helmet he was wearing was found to be faulty.  My parents never sued the company, I never understood why.  Until now.

The other thing that has been making me think are the rules regarding marriage.  One is that divorce is only “ok” when the spouse cheats.  Then if someone is divorced or widowed, they should not remarry.  I have about a million scenarios running through my head, and I am thinking that it can’t just come down to those two rules.  What if someone is being physically abused by their spouse?  What about arranged marriages?  What if you really do fall in love again after your spouse dies?  There are many more questions in my head.  It seems to me that this topic needs a few more guidelines than just those two.


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