So I saw the doc today.

He is 100% positive that I am dealing with ‘m fever’ since my body has responded so well to the treatment and showing typical signs of it. YEAH, which means no surgery as long as it stays this way! The bad news is the fever, muscle and body aches are an indicator that it remains. So I start round 2 of antibiotics tomorrow and he thought it was entirely possible that I will need round 3. I will be treated until the three above vacate the premises. The reason it is so prolonged is because it went untreated for so long. Normally, it can be treated quickly and swiftly and life goes on. And for those that have asked I started taking a probiotic awhile back, so hopefully the onslaught of antibiotics is equalized somewhat by the probiotic.

But the even better news, I really do feel better. The fever is low when it visits so I don’t get the nasty side effects of a fever usually and the muscle and body aches are usually at night or first thing in the morning. As we joke around here, we say I get “old” at night. I will take that any day of the week compared to how I have felt the last few weeks.

That is all she wrote and I am off to begin opening the medical bills that have accompanied this journey. :/

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