365 Update

I am still snapping away. I adore to snap but I am horrible at having the time to sit down and actually come here and post them. So here they are….

365.97 This is what dinner looks like at my house with my guy and I down here. I love my family and it’s chaos. Eventually, it will be quiet and I will be sad.

More on this later…365.98

And this too…365.99 (Shh! It is a secret)

365.100-Baby girl # 1 sporting her new glasses (ignore the ragamuffin hair…she is my child so if she doesn’t run a brush through her hair every second it is ragamuffinish and that is why we love ponytails)

365.101-Deciding she wants to be shy. She even said, “Momma, I shy.” And why do I feel like I have taken this shot about 11000 times. Oh wait, it is because I have. I hate winter and the lack of photo opportunities.

And yes that is #3’s potty chart. She is finally seeming to get passed the “I not ready phase of pottying.” We are trying to get it. Slowly but surely-365.102


When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. 

~Joyce Brothers


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