A week of craziness-Just write!

Well who isn’t sick at my house? # 2 that is who. Everyone else is fighting various issues: some snot, some coughs, some ears, some general soreness. But I am grateful to have the energy and will to take care of them.

My house those it is the sufferer of this illness. No one can clean like Mommy and well Mommy has been sick and once I got better my students turned in final drafts of a seven page paper that I have been trying to dig out of. My homework has grown legs and I feel like I can’t catch up. And now I have a cold which makes me want to just sick on the couch and watch my totally full DVR. My guy tries to clean and does well but no one does it like Mommy. So the goal today is literally clean, work, clean, work, clean and work. I can handle this craziness. It won’t always be this way.

My house though, it needs some love. You know walls cleaned. I have a two year who always has something sticky on her hands. Which then in turn gets on the walls. And she is potty training. Anyone remember back to those potty training days? Where bathroom trips are so numerous your legs grow weary? Well I do. I am there. We have had a few successes but not enough. She will get it though. Soon enough. Because of said two year old I also need to steam clean my couches she is master spiller. And a little steam clean on the couch wouldn’t hurt either. Maybe during my spring break. But I really want to paint the girls bathroom. The paint in their bathroom is peeling and crackly. Thanks to me. I painted with the wrong kind of paint that can handle the steam of a shower.

My guy met with his boss last week and he was approved to teach for next year. And it seems as if he may not be on the riffed list this year. What a blessing that is. This was the news we were hoping and praying for.  I think we spent the last year preparing so much for such a thing that we didn’t see this as a possibility. I am afraid to let go of my breath and there is probably more there that I am afraid to type out for fear of who is reading.

I requested to teach a basic writing class next semester. I really feel I need to experience a classroom of basic writers to help me decide where I am best at and where I should go.

And just in case you have wondered it has been far too long since I have worked out. MommyJargon had her surgery and complications. Then I had my own. This week we will finally find ourselves back at the gym. I am ready. I need to sweat. I need to do something for me. Working out has always been my “me time”. I get to hang out with MJ and I get to work out. As well, I have gained weight and it pisses me off. I gotta keep moving.

And now this concludes the super boring just write post for Tuesday. I am hopefully working on a more “exciting” post soon. After I clean my house and do my work of course.


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