My apologies-365

Oh my, why didn’t any of you suggest some proof reading on that last post? YIKES! I embarrassed myself as a teacher and English major. Proof reading is one of the number 1 skills taught in my class room and boy did I not even bother. In my defense, most of that post was written trying to occupy a 2 year and convince her Momma needed just a few more minutes on the computer. The one she wanted. Did I mention she has a slight addiction? And if you don’t buy that excuse it was the cold medicine. 🙂

365.111-#2 Quite proud of helping out with folding the laundry! This girl has mad cleaning and organizing skills.

PIN10-365.112) The pin is not the asparagus (although happy to share that recipe here too) but the pin is Paula Deen’s House Seasoning. I pinned it because I have made it before and loved it. It goes so well on everything to protein to veggies. For this recipe though I cut my asparagus on the bias in thirds. I melt 2 tbsp of butter (we use Smart Balance) and add in about 4 tbsp of water (chicken or veg stock would work to add more flavor). I throw in the asparagus and add in about 1-1.5 tsps (or to preference) of Paula’s seasoning and then put the lid on and let it steam down till it is your desired doneness. It won’t take long at all. My girls love it. But I will warn you this recipe is salt heavy so if you are on a low sodium diet or just don’t like salt as much I think you could easily adjust Paula’s amount of salt and not effect flavor. And I would go light till you taste it to be sure you like it. We love it.

365.112-This is #3 declaring there will be no more pictures of her and hiding as best she can from the camera.


Wanna see what else I have pinned? Go here.


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