The three W’s (maybe even 4)

Well let’s see today I worked on work.

I went for a walk.

I worked out for the first time in 2 months.

And despite feeling mostly better I managed to wet myself again. Seriously? Is this going to be my blog legacy? That mommy rhetoric who pees herself? I have absolutely no pelvic muscles apparently because a cough, a sneeze, a bend down to pick up a toy….I lose all hope of well not feeling like an 80 year old who needs depends. I guess every part of my body is needing some work.

But to answer the question I keep getting….No I haven’t had a migraine. And yes it was worth it.

I am hoping that the work out means that the weight I gained will automatically leave and I can pretend like the weight gain didn’t creep back up. So don’t tell me different if you see me. However, leaving pop (my dear sweet pepsi) thankfully has helped initiate that loss. But I am afraid it is gonna take some actual sweat again to get me where I wanna get. But it felt good. It also felt good on the joint pain. Tonight I am sore but it is the good kind of sore that keeps you up late. Hence this middle of the night post where I confess all.

The work, I am still digging out. I am nursing something that I am sure my children shared with me. I do love them but they are germy folk. My students this semester are stellar. I really have quite the bunch. Not quite the lightening in the bottle from last semester but a good group who want to be there and care about writing enough to get their job done which makes my job so much easier. My homework is umm a lot. But I love it all minus my online course. So the work, I will keep. And it is almost sign up time again for classes next semester and there are so many fun ones. This is the time nerds like me relish with numerous repeats of, “What are you taking?”

And now I lack some spiffy ending and as I look back at this post I realize it is about as “awake” deprived as I am of “sleep”. So I toy, do I push publish. Do I let you all read the words of a fool who is clearly tired, worn out, peeing her pants and feeling a little writey (Yes I just made write into writey). Take that internets. Publish!


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