Saturday Sharing

Tornado In my State

I am feeling so disheartened and sad by the people in my state that are suffering down south. Thankfully I have no real ties to the area other than my uncle who works for NOAA maybe (or already has) part of the team that determines what category this tornado was. I imagine a job like that is hard to do because you have to tour and look at this sort of devastation. So I am sending him good thoughts as he looks at the situation on the ground. If you want information on how to tell help please go to I know right now most of the need is monetarily. But several schools were hurt and I am gonna try and figure out how to meet that need as best I can. More info can be found at:, WTHR and Indy Channel. If you tweet #Henryville or #Maryville on twitter you will find out much more info on what is needed and what is going on. There are several shout outs for missing and wounded.

#1 Girl Sharing

And not to take us to a totally different feeling but before this happened things were happy. My daughter started her final week of being a FAMEOUS Composer 4th Grader. It has been a super, exciting and awesome experience for her and one I hope she is proud of. Today she is working with Alexis Ingram and the Fort Wayne Ballet Youth Company Dancers at the Fort Wayne Ballet Center. Next week she gets to work the David Crowe again the Fort Wayne Philharmonic to complete their final composition. Then a dress rehearsal on Saturday afternoon and the real deal actual show all collaborated and together on Sunday. I just could not be prouder of my girl.

And while on her she is getting hot and heavy into her softball practice. This year she tried out for a travel team of softball (sorry if I am repeating I don’t remember always what I share and don’t) and made it. They have been practicing since Christmas break. I am so pleased with how it is going. She is working with a great coach that is teaching her quite a few of the skills she needed to work on to better herself. We decided to let her be a part of this team as well as the team that just plays locally. I will let you know how that goes after it is all said and done. I was born and raised playing softball of my own choice. She is good. I see so much potential in her. The costs though…are gonna kill us: Fees for two leagues, 2 uniforms, 2 socks, cleats and really the list could go on. Because really she is gonna get to the point soon where she will have a preference of bat, bat glove, softball glove and so on!

#2 Sharing

I am not sure I have any links to share here but # 2 is doing piano lessons and is so doing so well. She loves them and to see her come alive is awesome! She really thinks she might stick with this. I hope so.

I guess that is about it for this week. We are hitting the pavement running today. Busy day in ol’ Mommy Rhetoric’s household.


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One thought on “Saturday Sharing

  1. Wow, that FAME project sounds so cool. What an amazing experience. Hooray for softball season. I can’t wait for it to start. I’m glad the piano lessons are going well. Keep up the great work.

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